Rootd is the #1 ranked mobile app for panic attack & anxiety relief on both iOS and Google Play and supports hundreds of thousands of users in over 150 countries around the world, and will now be available in German. Rootd, a leading anxiety and panic attack app, announced today that it will start off 2021 by adding German to its roster of languages. Used by hundreds of thousands of happy users around the globe, Rootd helps users in the moments they need it most with its interactive exercises and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based lesson curricula. Rootd’s founder Ania Wysocka, who founded Rootd due to direct experience with anxiety, says that this translation comes as a direct response to user demand in Germany, coupled with the global heightened anxiety and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. “Dealing with anxious thoughts can be difficult for anyone, and adding on a feeling of isolation as we are in lockdown and practice social distancing can increase the difficulty we are faced with” says Ania Wysocka, Rootd’s founder. “By providing Rootd’s in-the-moment panic and anxiety relief in German, my hope is that we can support our existing German users who want to use the tool in their native language as well as reach others in Germany who might be looking for anxiety support at this time.” Rootd has been named one of the best anxiety apps by Healthline, Women’s Health and Cosmopolitan magazines, and was featured in Time Magazine’s latest special edition on anxiety. Rootd’s therapist-approved features include:
  • A panic button for when individuals are actually going through a panic attack
  • Lessons on understanding panic attacks and anxiety, as well as short term and long term changes a person can make in their life to manage anxiety and feel more in control
  •  A deep breathing tool (most people with anxiety tend to be shallow breathers)
  • A body scan tool (for a form of active meditation)
  • A journal tool (for building confidence)
  • Guided visualizations and soothing nature sounds
  • And a gamified stats page so that users can track progress and celebrate successes.
Rootd is available directly through the App Store and Google Play Stores, and also as an enterprise offering for employers and health plans. “Providing employees access to Rootd is a simple and direct way for employers to show care for employee health, and this can be especially meaningful now as many are adjusting to working remotely and concerned over their health or the health of loved ones” says Wysocka. In addition to its in-the-moment panic attack relief, Rootd encourages users to take on both short-term and long-term goals to learn to effectively manage their anxiety in the long run. Rootd launched in 2017, has been used by hundreds of thousands of users around the world, and has continually been ranked highly with thousands of 5 star reviews. Some Recent Reviews for Rootd “Rootd has helped me regain control over my PTSD flashbacks and anxiety induced panic attacks. Learning the “why” of my anxiety through the lessons has been empowering, Breathr has helped me over my lunch break to de-stress from my work, Visualizr is my go-to mindfulness tool, and the Rootr is always there for me when things get out of control.” Samantha S. “Had my first panic attack the other day. Thought I was dying. Never ever believed in anxiety before. I hold my hands up and apologise to all those who do suffer. It’s real. With all this madness that’s going on this app helped me…thank you.” Jenna W.  “Rootd is a tool that all employers should offer their staff. Focusing on positive mental health is key for better employee retention, contribution, productivity and overall corporate competitiveness. We want to contribute to our employee wellbeing and offer different options for care. Rootd gives something unique and is delivered in a way that our team understands. It is “panic and anxiety relief, right in your pocket”, anywhere and anytime. It is a fantastic app that is the best in its class. I would not hesitate to recommend it.” Karl Swannie, Chief Executive Officer, Echosec Systems Ltd.