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A supportive workplace keeps their team healthy and happy. Rootd Company Plans provide your employees with the tools to overcome anxiety & panic attacks.
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A happier alternative to sick days

Anxiety disorders lead to an average of 4.6 work days lost to disability per month (Harder et al., 2014). Providing your employees access to proven resources and tools like the Rootd app results in less employee sick days.

Investing in your employees 

The global cost due to untreated anxiety disorders will be $925 billion by 2030. The upside is that for every $1 invested in treating anxiety, there is a $4 return (Luxton, 2016). Partnering with 24/7 access services like Rootd is a smart investment with high returns.

Fostering an inclusive environment

Though highly treatable, less than one quarter of people with anxiety disorders seek treatment, largely due to fear of the associated stigma (Roness et al., 2005). Rootd Company Plans show your employees that they can seek care when they need it.

Rootd Company Plans offer 24/7 access to all of the Rootd App’s tools and features, helping employees become: 


People with anxiety disorders visit the doctor 3 to 5 times more frequently than people without (American Psychiatric Association, 2004). Anxiety & panic disorders do not have to be permanently disabling. Early intervention helps people with anxiety get the help they need and live fulfilling, functional lives.


 For many with mental illness, successfully maintaining a job is an essential part of recovery, well-being and happiness. Encouraging employees to look for help & providing resources like Rootd, empowers your team to recover & succeed. Happiness – a basic human aspiration – is one of the best perks a workplace can offer.

Better Workers 

Anxiety disorders are the most common disability, with large rates occurring in people aged 15 to 34 years (Hendriks et al., 2014). Access to short- and long-term resources, however, has been shown to significantly improve work abilities in people with anxiety disorders (Knekt et al., 2008).

Rootd is a tool that all employers should offer their staff. Focusing on positive mental health is key for better employee retention, contribution, productivity and overall corporate competitiveness.

We want to contribute to our employee wellbeing and offer different options for care. Rootd gives something unique and is delivered in a way that our team understands. It is “panic and anxiety relief, right in your pocket”, anywhere and anytime. It is a fantastic app that is the best in its class. I would not hesitate to recommend it.

Karl Swannie

Chief Executive Officer, Echosec Systems Ltd.

I struggle with anxiety and trying to find tools that can help me get through my day without being sidelined by a panic attack. I also work in an open-office layout, so I needed tools that I could use while at work and that wouldn’t attract attention. I recently started using Rootd and am already in love with it! The UI is attractive and very easy to use, intuitive and feels natural, which I know is hard to achieve. In short, THANK YOU! For the first time in a while, I have something that actually helps. 

@Leslie S.

Rootd App User

“This app is amazing for people who suffer from panic attacks. Although I’ve had anxiety for years; I’ve been suffering from panic disorder for around 2 months now. The two are very different! This app helped me when I was really struggling to cope. It gave me hope and helped me understand what was happening to me. Now I’m becoming myself again with the help of this app.”


Rootd App User

“I am nearly in tears at how thoughtful, helpful, comforting and beneficial this app is. This is truly an amazing creation for people dealing with anxiety or panic disorder.”


Rootd App User

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