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Absolutely outstanding. This app works wonders for curing the anxiety my severe OCD causes and helps me get out of my own head . The Rootr is easily my favorite feature, and nowhere else on the internet have I ever found anything more relieving than the things it says. Seriously, thank you very much to the developers. Overall, if you suffer from anxiety or panic attacks, especially if it’s from OCD or intrusive thoughts, then please get this app. You will absolutely not regret it.

Nicholas Mercorella

Rootd App User

“This app is amazing for people who suffer from panic attacks. Although I’ve had anxiety for years; I’ve been suffering from panic disorder for around 2 months now. The two are very different! This app helped me when I was really struggling to cope. It gave me hope and helped me understand what was happening to me. Now I’m becoming myself again with the help of this app.”


Rootd App User

“I am nearly in tears at how thoughtful, helpful, comforting and beneficial this app is. This is truly an amazing creation for people dealing with anxiety or panic disorder.”


Rootd App User

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