Rootd, a global leading app in addressing anxiety and panic attacks, has announced the completion of its scientific study in time for Stress Awareness month. The study, which was conducted by the Theoretical and Applied Neuroscience Laboratory and the Krigolson lab at the University of Victoria, tested the efficacy of the Rootd app by assessing study participants before, during, and after 6 weeks of using the app. The findings of the study concluded that levels of stress, anxiety, and severity of panic attacks had decreased across all fronts. Furthermore, employed participants in the study found that their levels of stress and levels of anxiety at work had decreased. “Our study provides clear evidence that the Rootd app helps to decrease stress and anxiety,” said Dr. Olav Krigolson, Professor, at the University of Victoria. These results come right in time for Stress Awareness month, an international campaign aimed at alerting individuals of the damaging effects of stress and promoting effective coping strategies for the stress epidemic. Chronic stress is linked to the 6 leading causes of death, stress and anxiety affect productivity and coworker relations more than any other factor, and about 1 million American workers call out sick because of stress every day. The prevalence and impacts of stress are only increasing due to COVID-19 and other societal trends. To contribute to the Stress Awareness month cause, Rootd is releasing an update to include a new tool to support users with sleep, improved automatic sign in via Apple and Google, a much awaited “check-in” tool which will continue to help measure Rootd’s efficacy, as well as more visualization options in its Visualizr tool. “The research into Rootd doesn’t stop here” says Rootd founder Ania Wysocka. “Rootd’s efficacy will be continuously measured, proven, and improved over time as we continue to take part in larger studies. This research helps us be transparent and challenges us in the best way possible.” Rootd is a scalable evidence-based approach to healing anxiety and panic attacks designed to be a symbiotic complement to therapy sessions and other resources prescribed by professionals. Used by hundreds of thousands of happy, less-stressed users around the globe, Rootd helps users in the moments they need it most with its interactive exercises and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy based lesson curricula. Rootd’s therapist-approved features include:
  • A panic button for in-the-moment panic attack relief
  • Lessons on understanding panic attacks and anxiety, as well as short term and long term changes a person can make in their life to manage anxiety and feel more in control
  • A sleep tool to help decrease anxious thoughts and enable a better night’s sleep
  • Deep breathing exercises (most people with anxiety tend to be shallow breathers)
  • Guided body scans and visualizations (for a form of active meditation)
  • A journal tool (for identifying patterns in anxiety, and building confidence)
  • And a gamified stats page so that users can track progress and celebrate successes.
Rootd is available directly through the App Store and Google Play Stores, and also as an enterprise offering for employers and health plans. “Providing employees access to Rootd is a simple and direct way for employers to show care for employee health, and this can be especially meaningful now as employees face increased stress and anxiety amid the COVID-19 pandemic” says Wysocka.